//Begin Week Notes

“Days can blend into one if you let them, that’s space-ship life”

– My very wise wife.

This week I went to the cinema, I played some music with friends and Christmas arrived. I have a longer post in me about Frozen 2, so this one will be a little truncated, but sometimes that’s just how we journey through this miraculous space-ship, life.


Slow TV on BBC4 is a thing. When I saw it, I immediately hot-taked:

Which, while I’m not wrong (in this rare case), is a rather glib way to express an extremely interesting manifestation of how on-demand and mega-niche, TV-like content such as YouTube has changed the length and breadth of what we can try to do on semi-regular TV. Slow TV is simultaneously the kind of thing that one might dip into for that “ambient TV” feeling that once permeated the medium, thanks to broadcast, terrestrial TV being the only source of programs, and the kind of achronal experience that the internet’s always-on continuum has made an intrinsic part of how we Study/Sleep/Relax.

Also, it strikes me that it might have been a better joke if I’d included “game to” in that list of activities this could soundtrack.


Finally, Good Journey Carroll.

//Week Notes End

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