A Taxonomy of Hammers

Types of Hammer
Tag Yourself
  • Oldhammer: For some people, a very specific thing involving very specific eras of GW miniatures and rules. For me, something more akin to the OSR in and around D&D. A revival of a certain style of play, rather than a specific game or quest for material objects. Since calling this Oldhammer might bother the people it bothers and/or imply that I care whether all these orcs were manufactured from 1986 to 1991 or whatever, we move on to:
  • Funhammer: Essentially the ethos I imagine for my rediscovering of Warhammer, including 40k and AoS. It is based around a philosophy toward the games found in the original Rogue Trader rulebook, the generals’ interviews in Warhammer Armies,  White Dwarf in the late Eighties and early Nineties, and several corners of the more traditional war gaming hobby that focus on projects, improvisation, scenarios and actual-play. Within the Funhammer framework, there are a number of sub-games (subhammers):
  • Toyhammer: Unrelated to the slightly baffling ToyStory/Wh40k fan work of the same name. Toyhammer is playing fantasy wargames with (potentially unaltered) toys; part of the fun is the weird recombinative nature of it, or of having little cowboys and Captain America fighting Spacemen and a Lego Bionicle. Brikwars, Gaslands, Mobile Frame Zero and Heroscape have some of the Toyhammer aesthetic to them.
  • Smallhammer: Non-army based games of WH; officially, Kill Team and Shadespire are Smallhammer, and in the wider world we have WFB Skirmish, the Realm of Chaos Warbands campaigns, Rogue Trader 88, Inq28*, and small point value games like my Minimum Viable WFB idea and these collage’d campaign frameworks on Give Em’ Lead (who might have coined smallhamer, not sure!).
  • Allhammer: Is an idea I’ve been toying with – it might be possible using something like the One Page Rules family of games; the idea would be a hammer in which everything was welcome and valid, behaving and feeling as intended in its home game. A hammer with Fimir and Sigmarites and Uruk-Hai and bolt-pistol amazons and and and. I’d like to try it.

*Inq28 and 28 are super cool and a bit Funhammer but Funhammer is a tad-bit to  a whole-lot less craft oriented than the 28 mindset. You go girl though!

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